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Get to Know More About Tim and Gauntt Board Company!

Hi, my name is Tim Gauntt!

Owner of Gauntt Design Company. 

My inspiration started when my wife, Emily, wanted to buy a charcuterie board for our house warming party.  We shopped around and I started to realized how few options there were for unique, handmade boards. I wondered what went into making something that wasn't just another piece of clutter sitting on our shelves but an item that I wanted to show off and be proud of. So, I began to design Emily a board and I haven't stopped since. 

At the moment, I'm focusing on charcuterie boards and butcher blocks. I've starting getting into the Conditioner game but mainly I love opportunities to collaborate with others to create something truly unique! 


The Shop

From VERY humble beginnings in 2019 we've been able to build up the shop from a 1950 era garage to a polished 1950 era garage with some more electrical.


We've added shelves, vacuum and tools but besides that, everything is still the same. A fan is what keeps you cool in the summer and a propane tank heater is what keeps us warm in winter. You know what that means? It means we LOVE what we do, and it shows in our work!


I hope someday that you'll be able to visit our shop and take the official 2-3 minute tour. I've been thinking about opening a bar/patio area for post-tour entertainment but we'll consider it a work in progress for now. 

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